From just a simple structural fabricator, We have made deep forays and specialised in Heavy fabrication of Automated I Beam manufacturing recently with Special Imported Machineries. All type of Columns (I,Plus & Box) , Ceiling girders,. etc are our special product ranges to name some. With these we see a huge growth potential in these arenas.

  • ??Columns

  • I?Columns

  • Box Columns

  • Ceiling Girders

  • Welded Beams

  • Bracing Beams

  • Bracing Boxes

  • Buckstay beam Assembly

  • Square

  • Elbow

  • Transition

  • Circular

  • Divertor Assembly

  • Dampers

  • Auto-Damper

  • Circular Damper

  • Louver Damper

  • Isolators

  • Conical

  • Tubular

  • Polygon

  • Hanger Assembly

  • Reducers

  • Bends

  • Divertor Assembly

  • ESP wall

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