Total Area: 10 Acres.
Totar Area: 10 Acres
Total Capacity: 12000 MT/Annum
Handling Equipments
Sl Description Capacity Qty
1. Electric Overhead trolley 15MT 2
2. Electric Overhead trolley 25 MT 1
3. Electric Overhead trolley 30 MT 1
4. A - Frame 15 MT 1
5. Mobile Crane 12 Mt 1
Material Preparation
Sl Description Capacity Qty
1 Oxygen tank 10000 Lits 1
2 Strip cutting machine (X-9 and Y-1 directions) 10 torches 1
3 Pug cutting machines Esab 10
4 Hand cutting torches 25
Welding and grinding machineries
Sl Description Capacity Qty
1 Gantry type SAW Welding machines 1000 A with recovery systems(Imported) China 8
2 SAW welding machines1200 A Advani 3
3 IGBT Welding Rectifiers/td> Aps Genisis , Riland 35
4 MIG Welding machines Panasonic 4
5 Flux Baking ovens Esab 4
6 Electrode Baking ovens Esab 2
7 Portable Baking ovens Esab 15
8 AG 7 Grinding machine Ralli wolf 40
9 AG 5 Grinding machines Ralif Wolf 10
10 GQ 6 Ralif Wolf 2
Testing Equipments
Sl Description Capacity Qty
1 Magnetic particle Testing (0 ?1000A) Advani 2
2 Liquid Penetrant Testing Kit 5 set
3 Vernier caliper 0 ?200m 1
4 Coat meter 0 - 600 microns 1
Drilling Machines
Sl Description Capacity Qty
1 Radial Drilling machine Batlibai upto 63mm 1
2 Hand drilling machines IFFCO upto 32mm 1
Special Machinaries
Sl Description Capacity Qty
1 Hydraulic press 400Mt capacity For Bend removal 400 MT - own 1
2 Auto I Beam Fit up machine 2 Metres height - Thickness upto 80 mm China 1
3 Straightening machine Machine China 1
4 End Milling Machine (15 M X 12 M) China 1
Sl Description Capacity Qty
1 Articulators 40 MT 2
2 tractor trailor 20 MT 1

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